Exploring the Mall of Qatar

I am without a doubt 100% certain that the majority of Qatar residents know by now that the most awaited “Mall of Qatar” has finally opened its massive doors to the public despite previous delays.

With so many pictures / videos floating all over the internet and all the major social media sites, I don’t blame anyone who wants to take a peek and stroll at the said mall because last Friday (16 December 2016) that’s what my mom, sister & I decided to do.

The mall was terribly crowded since it was a weekend after all and everyone was curious about this new huge shopping complex. The mall had new stores / brands for all your shopping needs although we didn’t really go there for shopping. We actually went there to watch “Rogue One” at their IMAX theater which was particularly spacious! The movie was great too in my opinion 🙂 .

If you wanna see more of the Mall of Qatar, here’s a short video tour!

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