Trying My Hand at Dragon Boat Paddling

Ever since my early 20’s, I have instilled in myself the motto of “trying anything once” to see if I like / dislike something. This can account for anything like experimenting in terms of food, activity or whatever it may be as long as I have not tried it before.

On the 20th of this month, I exactly did that by challenging myself to try out Dragon Boat Paddling for the first time ever in my whole entire existence. Dragon Boat Paddling is indeed a team sport that allows you to engage with other people which enhances your sociability and your participation to be an active team player.

So how did this come about? I have a few friends who are truly active and enjoy immersing themselves in a variety of sports like running, swimming, basketball, Frisbee and I’m sure there are many more and they are the ones who convinced me to join their dragon boat team humorously called “Happy Thirstday” for a trial training session.

Since I am terrified of open water and I’m a beginner at this sport, I was truly nervous when I got to Katara (the venue for the team’s training). Not only that, I was tremendously intimidated since I had zero knowledge about paddling but that was immediately erased once I was taught what to do, what proper paddling form I had to assume. It was also helpful that the entire team (not only my friends) were truly gracious in accommodating me despite my beginner level. They were encouraging which made my experience surprisingly fun & pleasant.

I am not gonna lie and tell you that I did extremely well because I know for a fact that I didn’t since I couldn’t cope with the pace of all the other team members but the coach did say that I was able to quickly pick up & assume the correct paddling form which was a definite ego booster. 🙂

Here’s a video of what we did and in case you are wondering, I am the one wearing a red cap (in the 4th row). You can visually see here that I was behind everyone else in terms of paddling speed but I will not let this deter me from trying the sport again especially when the team is so supportive and especially when there are a lot of people, including my family, who are urging me to continue. 😉

In spite of my aching body and wounded right hand, I would definitely recommend this team sport to anyone who is looking for a new activity to try this year. Life is short and you should take charge of your life to ensure you spend each moment well! Again, I want to extremely thank the “Happy Thirstday” Dragon Boat Team for allowing me this opportunity.




2 Comments on Trying My Hand at Dragon Boat Paddling

  1. Marv
    January 26 at 11:52 AM (12 months ago)

    It was nice meeting you Karen! See you on the next training session! 🙂

    • Karlly
      February 5 at 11:18 AM (12 months ago)

      Thank you Marvin!! See you again next Friday 🙂


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