Vanille Salee at the Movenpick Hotel

The vanilla flavor is unfortunately usually viewed as something basic and nothing really exciting since it is generally used in a lot of desserts such as cakes and many more. This time around we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the “queen of spices” is not only used for desserts but can be used for savory dishes as well. Don’t believe us? Well you better believe that what we are telling you is true because the Movenpick Hotel Doha located along the Corniche recently invited us to taste their “Vanille Salee” menu which is composed of 3 starters & 3 main courses creatively infused with salty vanilla.

Tatiana, their PR & Communication Manager, met with us for dinner last Monday and explained to us that this special menu was initially launched a few months ago across the Movenpick Hotels in Europe. The brand has then decided to offer it to the Middle East, Africa & Asia markets until the 21st of March 2017. So basically, you have 2 more weeks to go & visit any of the Movenpick hotels in the country to be able to sample this limited edition menu.

Here’s a short video of us trying it out to entice you 😛

Among the 3 starters though, my (Karen) favorite was the White Onions Veloute because it was creamy & the caramelized onions really gave it a hint of sweetness although Allyson preferred the Goat Cheese & Figs Salad. For main courses, I particularly enjoyed the Veal Tenderloin Jardiniere & Allyson loved the Free Range Chicken Breast Melba which was quite tasty plus deliciously amazing. By the way, the vanilla flavor did not overpower all the dishes served so you don’t have to worry too much about that.

White Onions Veloute (Vanilla Cream | White Onions | Saffron Threads | Shallot Chutney | Onion Rings)

Goat Cheese & Figs Salad (St. Maure Goat’s Cheese | Fig | Mesclun | Orange-Vanilla Dressing)

Veal Tenderloin Jardiniere (Veal Tenderloin | Vanille-Carrots | Turnip Cabbage | Potatoes | Thyme Gravy)

Free Range Chicken Breast Melba (Free Range Chicken Breast | Vanilla Peach & Peach Mash | Potato Tarte Tatin)

Prices are reasonable too which makes the menu quite more appealing to try out 🙂 . Not only that, the service was not disappointing at all since we were truly well taken care of by the whole team of the Seasons restaurant & even the chef took time to talk with us regarding their dishes. Highly recommend them!


**Disclaimer: Our dinner was free however all thoughts and opinions stated above are 100% genuine (based on our own experience). Click the link for our full disclaimer


Location: Ground floor, Movenpick Hotel, Corniche Road, Doha – Qatar

Contact No.: +974 4429 1111

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