I’ve Fallen in Love…

So last month I decided to write a blog post about my first ever experience in DRAGON BOAT PADDLING (read it HERE) and I cannot believe how fast I have fallen in love with the sport. It is quite accomplishing to see how far I have come from the time I initially joined the “Happy Thirstday” group. Finally, the culmination of all the trainings I have attended has resulted to my improved paddling performance (in my opinion at least 😉 ). I can confidently say that I am able to keep up with the team in terms of pace but I do believe that I still have room for growth plus development when it comes to endurance.

Basically, I am just happy that I challenged myself to try out something new this year (and stick to it) plus I am beyond excited to partake in a team sport that will be competing on the 10th of March against other dragon boat teams in Qatar.

Oh yes! “Happy Thirstday” will be partaking in the 2017 Qatar Dragon Boat Festival which will be held at the beach of Grand Hyatt Hotel. So if you have nothing to do this Friday then why not come down & join this festive event which starts from 8AM – 5PM. Entry is absolutely free for everyone so you can bring along your family, friends, neighbors and whoever else you wish to accompany you. Cheer me on and the rest of the group plus the other dragon boat teams as we compete in friendly races against each other. 🙂

Here are a few photos & videos of my journey so far:

I hope to see you there!!! Cheers!


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