Flik Cinema’s Platinum Class Theater

Flik Cinemas at the Lagoona Mall has recently opened to the public offering a very luxurious experience with its 3 Gold Class theaters & 1 Platinum Class theater.

Since the Platinum Class theater is greatly similar to Novo Cinema’s 7-Star Theater, I decided to check it out to compare the two & figure out the differences between each theater. You may check out our previous posts about the 7-Star Theater of Novo Cinemas HERE & HERE. Now let’s jump to the review!

Ticket cost for both theaters are the same which is priced at QAR 150/-. Although, unlike the 7-Star Theater, Flik Cinemas’ Platinum Class theater does not have its own exclusive concession / VIP lounge. You may order through their general concession stand in case you do not wish to order through the iPad.

Seats are the same for both theaters where you get reclining chairs and designated iPads are installed at the armrest of each seat which can be utilized for ordering your food & drinks without getting up from your recliner.

But truthfully speaking, despite all the similarities of both Platinum Class & 7-Star, I feel like the Platinum Class theater is a step ahead than the 7-Star because it has a Belkin iPhone dock & a USB port for charging purposes which is great especially if your phone is low on juice. Plus their drink holder has its own cooling system which ensures that you are able to enjoy your cold beverage throughout the movie.

Press the cool button to keep your drinks cold throughout the movie ;)

Press the cool button to keep your drinks cold throughout the movie 😉

The only downside though is that some of their food are quite pricey since some of it are prepared by Fauchon!

This is priced at QAR 60/- so food is definitely not budget friendly

With all the information I provided you, it is now up to you to decide if you want to check it out or not. Honestly, I would still recommend you try it once for the experience. Personally, I enjoyed the comfort I felt while watching Logan yesterday. 🙂


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Address: Upper Level, Lagoona Mall, West Bay, Doha – Qatar

Tel. no.: +974 4443 2757

E-mail: flik_cinemas@almana.com



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