Al Mazaya Restaurant: Indoor Dining with an Outdoor Feel

Al Mazaya Restaurant located at the upper most level of Dar Al Salam Mall is one of the food outlets I have been itching to try ever since it opened and I am so glad that it is also listed on my Entertainer app which means I have an opportunity to save my riyals in this establishment.

I was with my sister doing some grocery shopping at Carrefour when our tummies started rumbling so I urged her to try out the restaurant with me since I’ve seen a few photos of it floating around the internet showcasing an outdoor ambiance but in an indoor setting. Does that make sense?? Sounds confusing right?

Basically, the restaurant’s interiors were designed to resemble a tucked away gem in the middle of a forest (well at least that’s my interpretation of it). Here are a few photos so you can get an idea of what I am trying to say:

Sitting inside made us feel like we were outdoors but without the harmful UV rays of the sun. We decided to take a table at their family section because it was more private as it was situated separately from the main dining area.

Family Section

My sister and I decided to order Tabouleh, Shish Taouk & Fried Shrimps with Fries. Yes! All of that just for the two of us which we didn’t end up finishing but took home.

First off, let me talk about the service. There was not much waiting time after placing our orders since our food was served in less than 20 minutes. We were also provided some vegetable sticks to munch on plus some bread which is always nice. Staff were really friendly & attentive but you should take note that there were not a lot of guests that time.

As for the food, well it was good! We really loved the Tabouleh since it was executed well and wasn’t sour at all. The shish taouk was not overcooked but was very tender & juicy. The fried shrimp however was a bit lackluster. Not that it was bad but you can barely taste the shrimp since it was drowned in so much coating. If not for this, I would say everything we ordered was ace.

Overall, I would rate this outlet a (4 / 5).



Address: Dar Al Salam Mall, Abu Hamour, Doha – Qatar

Tel. no.: +974 4444 4064


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