Karen Travels: A Photo Diary of Georgia (Aragvi River, Gudauri & Gergeti)

The second day of our Georgia tour was the most exciting and tiring one. We had a pretty long day as the tour started at 9AM and we reached our hotel in the evening at around 9.30PM. Thankfully, our Georgian tour guide that day was Mari who was really energetic & sociable. She was a photography enthusiast that had no problem with taking numerous snapshots of the tourists she was with. She was really good with the camera and very informed about the places we went to that day.

This day truly drained our energy to the maximum level as we headed into the mountainous region of the country since we had extreme paragliding as an added activity (I have no photos of this experience but I will include a short video of this on my upcoming Georgia vlog) plus we had to go up Mt. Kazbegi to see the Gergeti Trinity Chuch. No, we didn’t hike the mountain thankfully as it would take us 3 hours to do so but instead we opted to ride a van (not the typical type though) with an experienced driver to take us through the rough trail in around 30 minutes.

Day 2 – June 24, 2017

First Stop – Zhinvali Reservoir

Mari mentioned that the Zhinvali Reservoir provides the clean water to the whole city of Tbilisi.

Our second stop was at Ananuri Fortress which housed a very old Georgian Orthodox church called the “Church of the Virgin“. The frescoes inside were proof that the church was indeed ancient but it is still used today!

Church of the Virgin

Mass was going on during our visit

Fun fact: The Georgian Orthodox mass can last around 2 hours!

Inscriptions found on the side of the church which talks about the Dukes who owned the fortress plus the Church of the Virgin

View from the Fortress

Photo taken inside the grounds of Ananuri

Bumped into Ghenies (Tour Manager of G7 Euro Travel & Tours)

3rd Stop – Aragvi River (fastest flowing river in Georgia)

4th Stop – Paragliding in Gudauri – photo taken before the activity

Since we were all tired after our paragliding activity, we had to have lunch & of course the best place to have it at was a little resto / pub style eatery called the “Cozy Corner“.

Georgian food! Everything you see here was really really yummy 🙂

Photo op before leaving Cozy Corner

The scenery while going up the rough trail in a van to see the Gergeti Church

Gergeti Trinity Church

Sadly, I do not have much pictures to share with you of the church since it was highly forbidden to take photos of the interior of the church & there were just a lot of tourists that day around the grounds of the church. The church was actually built secluded far away up in the mountain because when Georgia was under the Soviet Union, religion was not allowed to be practiced so this was a sure way for the locals not to be caught. Mari also told us that the location meant it would be difficult for enemies to find & destroy it.

What I managed to take a photo of inside the church

Selfie with Mari

View from Gergeti Trinity Church

Photo taken by Mari – Mt. Kazbegi in the background

Last Stop – Georgian – Russian Friendship Monument

The center section of the monument

The left side of the monument depicts everything related to Georgia

The right side of the monument depicts everything related to Russia

View from the monument

Well, that’s it for now, stay tuned for the next upcoming photo diaries! See yah…


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