Karen Travels: A Photo Diary of Georgia (Mtskheta & Kakheti)

I have decided to combine day 3 & day 4 of our Georgia trip in this photo diary since both days were very easy tours and did not take a whole day to finish except maybe day 4 because of the travel time.

Day 3 – June 25, 2017 


We started the day by going to the Chronicles of Georgia monument located within Tbilisi. Our tour guide that day was Ila and he mentioned that surprisingly not a lot locals particularly know about this monument which sounded odd to be honest since this structure cannot be missed due to its sheer magnitude plus it is also situated on top of a hill!

The Chronicles of Georgia

These columns are massive!

The upper half of the column showcases important people in Georgia’s history & the bottom part depicts scenes taken from the Holy Bible

Just to give you a perspective of how huge this monument is

You can also see from here the Tbilisi Sea

Next stop on the itinerary – Jvari Monastery

View of Mtskheta (previous capital of Georgia) from the monastery

My mom & I with our tour guide Ila

Fun Fact: Georgian Orthodox Christians wear their wedding rings on the right ring finger instead of the left.

After visiting Jvari Monastery, we then made our way to the city of Mtskheta where our third stop was located, the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. As per Ila, this is actually the second largest Georgian Orthodox church in the country.

Ila then took us to Lisi lake in Tbilisi where most young Georgians spend their free time during the summer since the breeze is strong and cool plus they sun bathe to perfect their tan! Since I am a Filipina who easily gets tan under the sun, I was the exact opposite covering myself with a scarf…hahaha 😛

Turtle Lake – This was where we had to go to take a cable car ride to reach our last stop, Vake Park

Took a cable car ride to get to Vake Park

Last Stop – Vake Park

Day 4 – June 26, 2017


Our usual departure time during the tour was 9AM and this day was no different. After around 2 hours of traveling on the road, we managed to reach our first destination in Kakheti, the Bodbe Monastery. Inside the monastery is a small church where St. Nino’s remains are buried and she is believed to have preached about Orthodox Christianity in Georgia.

Bell Tower

This is where St. Nino’s remains are buried

Selfie with our tour guide that day, Nina

View from the monastery

Next stop after exploring the huge monastery complex was the Georgian “City of Love” called Signagi. It is called such because as per out tour guide Nina, it is truly quite easy to get married there. All you need is 50 Lari (roughly 20 USD or 75 QAR) and your passport + your partner’s passport to get officially hitched! There is a wall in Signagi that is dedicated to all the Georgians who took part in the second world war where their names are carved and pictures of this wall are shown below.


3rd stop – Ilia Lake

The “I Love Kakheti” sign resting on a hill which can be seen from the lake

Last stop – Chelti Winery

Chelti Winery was the final destination for that day & it was where we had our lunch, a short tour of the winery, a brief of how wine was made in the old days & how it is made now plus lastly, our wine tasting!

Grape Vines from a distance

Lunch! All Georgian food <3

Traditional way of making wine

Modern process of making wine

Wines we tasted

“Gaumarjos” – means cheers in the Georgian Language


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