Karen Travels: A Photo Diary of Gori, Georgia

The 5th day of our Georgia tour was mostly spent in Gori & the cave town complex called Uplistsikhe served as our first stop on this day which greatly reminded me of the cave cities Allyson & I saw in Cappadocia, Turkey (read HERE). We had the pleasure of having Nina as our tour guide once again and this time around she was more comfortable with us since she was with us the day before.

Day 5 – June 27, 2017 


Baby bath tub? Maybe not! 😉

Carvings on one of the caves

With the beautiful Nina

Inside the biggest cave – King Tamar’s hall

King Tamar is actually a lady but instead of using the term “Queen”, Georgians refer to her as a King since she was regarded responsible for the Golden Age of Georgia as per our tour guide Nina.

Single Column Hall

After the tiring climb up Uplistsikhe, we then had lunch at Barakoni Restaurant but not without taking a few photos around the area of the restaurant. Sadly we don’t have much food to show you because we devoured almost everything instantly due to our hunger.

Barakoni’s Special Salad (a best seller!) + Chicken Salad

Second stop for the day was Stalin’s Museum which was dedicated to Joseph Stalin, a dictator of the Soviet Union from the 1920’s until his death. A tour guide from the museum itself showed us around and shared a few insights regarding Stalin’s life. We ended the museum tour at Stalin’s private train where a tourist from another tour group asked the guide if Stalin is actually considered a hero or not; her simple answer was “Stalin is a hero among the older generation but not for the younger generation. The older generation love him since it was a time of simplicity & life was good.”

Stalin’s private train cabin

As if climbing Uplistsikhe wasn’t enough, we had to do more of it to reach Gori Fortress. An old fortress where people used to hide and protect themselves from any enemy invasion.

The last stop, St. Mary’s Cathedral

Before parting ways with Nina who we dropped off near her home before heading to Tbilisi, she introduced us to her older brother Aleco (he was picking her up). I must admit, Georgians are quite good looking! In search of a potential partner? Better head to Georgia stat and take me along with you…hahaha 😛


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