Karen Travels: Photo Diary of Georgia (More of Tbilisi)

Seeing as this was our final day in Georgia and since we were not able to explore much of Tbilisi during our first day (read HERE), we decided to have a half day city tour to see more of what the city streets were like. It was a half day tour only as we were scheduled to go to ARMENIA immediately after visiting our last stop.

Day 6 – June 28, 2017 

This time around, we had the most bubbly Ana-Maria as our tour guide who my sister & I connected with because of KOREA (South Korea to be specific)! It was amazing to find out that the Korean wave has also reached Georgia. She was into Korean culture and was a fan of K-Dramas and we were more interested with Korean variety shows (read HERE).

Anyway, our first stop for this day was the largest Georgian Orthodox church, The Holy Trinity Church.

If you look closely at the picture above, you will notice that there are a few jewelry items that are hung inside the frame. As per Ana, these are actually donated to the church by the people in the hopes of their prayers being answered.

The photo below was taken from the church located in the lower level of the Holy Trinity Church. We were surprised to see two tombs of past Georgian Kings inside this church, one on each side.

Photo taken within Church grounds

After the church visit, we had to walk around Tbilisi’s streets (unfortunately, directly under the scorching sun) to get to our other destinations since most sites are close to each and at times, cars were not allowed in some attractions.

A monument depicting how Georgians love to party / have fun

Gabriadze Theater (a puppet theater)

Saw this black beauty while walking to get to the Peace Bridge

Just look at how dark my arms are compared to my legs! (photo taken at Peace Bridge)

Peace Bridge

We had to take a cable car to get to Narikala Fortress and the Mother of Georgia monument as these attractions were both resting on a hill. The Mother of Georgia holds a bowl of wine in her left hand to greet those who come as friends and in her right hand is a sword for those who come as enemies.

Mother of Georgia

View of Tbilisi from the hill

Narikala Fortress

Inside Narikala Fortress is St. Nicholas Church

We then headed down the hill and made our way to see some Sulfur baths and a waterfall without any name. Sadly though we did not go inside the sulfur baths anymore since we lacked time plus there is an extra fee in case you want to experience it.

These dome like structures have sulfur baths inside

The waterfall in Tbilisi that doesn’t have a name

Well unfortunately this is it, we have finally come to the end of my Georgia photo diary series!

But before we end it here, I just want to thank once again the entire G7 Euro Travel & Tours team for providing my family & I such a wonderful trip & experience in Georgia.

Thank you to our wonderful tour guides who gave us so much information about Georgia (Olesia, Mari, Ila, Nina & Ana-Maria) & to our hardworking drivers (Jemali & Atchiko – not sure if I spelled the names correctly 🙁 ).  Special mention goes to Ghenies for all his tips while we were there & to Geraldine for accommodating all of our requests. Both of them were always available to their guests plus they ensured everyone was happy & pleased with the services they provided. Kudos to you all & I hope our paths cross again in this lifetime!

Hopefully you enjoyed the photo tour and I will see you on my next one in ARMENIA! 🙂


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