Karen Travels: Photo Diary of Armenia (Day 1)

Welcome to ARMENIA folks! We actually didn’t spend as much time here as we did in Georgia. I was there for 3 days with my mom & sis and our third day was actually allocated for traveling back to Qatar.

How did we get to Armenia from Georgia? No, we didn’t go by air but we did take a private car arranged by G7 Euro Travels and Tours. Because of this, we were crossing the boarder by land which was my first time to experience. Our trip lasted roughly around 7 hours and it was definitely tiring but the scenic routes we took made me forget all the body pain I was feeling that day.

Despite the close proximity between Georgia & Armenia, it is truly wondrous to see how different their landscapes are from each other.

Armenia’s Scenic Landscape

Sadly though, the tour company partner of G7 Euro Travels and Tours in Armenia were only able to provide us a driver who was responsible for taking us to all the stops listed on our itinerary. There was no tour guide available to inform us about the places we went to and even the driver did not speak much English but overall we still had a good time since there was no pressure of rushing.

Day 1 – June 29, 2017 

Our first stop for the day was the monastery called Geghard that was founded by Gregory the Illuminator during the 4th century.

Taking a snapshot of the road going to Geghard

Entrance to the monastery

Inside the monastery complex

Interior going to the church

Look at the carvings

Garni Temple was close in distance to Geghard hence became our second stop. It is said that this was a temple to the sun god Mihr. A bath-house was also visible within the vicinity of the temple. Unfortunately due to the magnificent number of tourists at that time, I was not able to capture a proper photo of the temple.

The bath-house

Ruins located on the left side of the temple

We then had lunch at the city of Yerevan and moved on to our last stop of the day which was Zvartnots Ruins. We spent too much time at Geghard and waiting too long for our food at lunch that we almost missed out on seeing this historic site since we reached at 4.30PM and they closed at 5PM.

The local caretaker at Zvartnots was sooooo nice! He was kind enough to take photos of us and before we went home, he gave us some apricots that were seriously sweet which he picked from the apricot trees in the area.


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