Karen Travels to Morocco (Day 1)

Okay, so yes, I admit it! I have totally neglected the blog but that’s just because life got in the way. Yet, here I am to deliver a series of photo diaries in the coming weeks focusing mainly on my recent trip (if you can call one month ago recent) to the Kingdom of Morocco.

I decided to venture off for one week and celebrate my birthday there instead which was a first time for me as I normally spend my birthday in Qatar with my family & friends. Well admittedly, I was not completely alone during this trip as my mom decided to tag along with me.

So the trip was mostly spent in Marrakech and the first day was the roughest (which was our travel day)! We boarded our Royal Air Maroc flight and landed at the Casablanca airport after 7 hours. We then had to wait at the domestic airport for 4 hours before boarding the flight going to Marrakech which took roughly around 45 minutes.

It was a bit surreal stepping out of the airport as I just could not fathom the fact that I was in the so-called “Red City”.

We were surely tired from the long flight that all we wanted to do was go to our accommodation which was a lovely centrally located riad (traditional Moroccan house with an interior garden or fountain) near the vicinity of Jemaa el-Fnaa (the main square of the city) but we also wanted to make the most out of the first day. Upon our arrival at the riad, the riad manager (Oussama) showed us directions on how to find the riad in case we decided to check out Jemaa el-Fnaa. It was certainly a maze at first but it got easier to locate once we were used to the surroundings.

Did I mention that this trip was completely organized by myself without any help from a travel agent which meant numerous hours were invested to research places to eat at, where to stay,  what to do, etc. TripAdvisor & Booking.com were really a huge help to narrow down all the many options. The reviews posted by fellow travelers were informative and that is how we decided to book our riad, Riad Argan. After staying there for a week, I can say for a fact that booking a room there was money well spent & a smart move from our side as we were well taken care of like we were family. The employees were very friendly and hospitable. Besides that, they went out of their way to exceed our expectations hence I would confidently recommend them to anyone who asks me for the best place to stay at while in Marrakech.

Receiving Area

Bakchich cafe was one of the top recommended eateries to try out in Marrakech on TripAdvisor. Albeit the menu offered little food items to select from but in terms of taste, it was quite surprising. Their food wasn’t pretentious, it was simple and for the price we paid, it was satisfying & relatively cheap! No wonder they have such a high rating.

Chicken Tajine & Avocado Salad

I booked a few tours for the duration of our stay in Morocco through Viator.com as advised by a work colleague whose passion is globetrotting. The tour for that evening included having an authentic Moroccan dinner plus watching a cultural show (which will be shown in the upcoming vlog, once I get around to editing…hihihi).

Chez Ali was the place the tour operator took us to and we were greeted by magnificent horses perfectly lined up at the entrance of the establishment. Once we entered, we were serenaded by performers singing Berber music and finally, we were directed to our table which was located inside a humongous tent. We were served huge portions of roast lamb plus couscous with chicken, fruits, dessert and Moroccan tea to wash it all down. We were then directed to an open arena to watch the show. There were an array of acts such as belly dancing, Arabian horses galloping around the arena with their riders displaying action stunts and blasting rifles into the air. It was truly exciting and at times I would find myself with my mouth wide open just in awe of the speed of the horses and the unbelievable skills of their riders!

Inside Ali Baba’s cave full of treasures

We were dropped off at the riad past 12 midnight so we were extremely worn out by the time we laid down on our bed. We managed to make proper use of our first day which I was very happy about.

Since we still have 6 more days to go, I’m just going to end it here and hope you found this post helpful.


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