Day 2 in Morocco with Karen

Our second day in Morocco was a free day which we used to explore Marrakech on our own (read the full post of day 1 HERE). There were a few spots I wanted to see which were all in close proximity to each other hence I thought of forgoing an arranged tour on this day so we won’t need to rush trying to keep up with a tour group. My mother & I heavily depended on Google Maps, asking numerous locals for help or directions and asking our riad manager for approximate taxi fares we had to pay to get to the locations we wanted to visit (we did this because sadly, most taxi drivers scam tourists).

The day started with a typical light Moroccan breakfast at our riad that was followed by a 10-15 minute drive to the first stop on the list, Menara Gardens. Honestly, we did not see much here except for an abundance of olive trees. We could have skipped this in my opinion but it was a recommended place to visit so I included it as one of our stops.

Our riad had the most delicious Moroccan Tea I have ever tasted!

We then took a taxi to reach our second destination, Badii Palace. We were at the said palace for much longer than what we anticipated because it was huge and it took us quite some time to explore. This is one place I would say you should not miss! There is just so much to see here like a prison beneath the palace grounds! I just wish the government maintained it since some of the floor tiles were missing or cracked.

The entrance to the prison beneath the palace grounds

The third stop, Kasbah Mosque, was not too far from Badii Palace. We walked a few minutes to get there which I wish we skipped because it was part of a tour itinerary we booked for the next day (it was never mentioned on the itinerary). But nevertheless, the minaret of the mosque was impressive so there was no issue to see it twice. Non-muslims were not allowed inside the mosque so the pictures are mostly exterior shots.

Appreciate the details

I planned on checking out Almoravid Koubba which is the oldest building in Marrakech & for years remained hidden until it was excavated in 1952. But because of the maze-like streets of Marrakech, we had a truly difficult time locating this gem even while using Google maps. Asking directions from locals did not help much as we were pointed everywhere without actually getting to the correct location.

But not to get our spirits down, we made our way to Cuisine de Terroire which is a recommended place to eat at on TripAdvisor for lunch then we took a short rest at the riad followed by dinner at the terrace of Restaurant Chez Chegrouni in Jemaa el-Fnaa (square & marketplace in the old city) to watch the sunset. This is how we decided to end our second day in the Red City. 🙂

Cuisine de Terroire

View from the terrace of Restaurant Chez Chegrouni

Watching the sunset



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